Lab-grown or natural diamonds. Learn about the ethical, environmental, and aesthetic differences that define these sparkling choices."


how lab-grown diamonds are made and learn about the innovative processes behind creating sustainable and ethical alternatives to mined diamonds. Discover the science of synthetic diamond production today


Discover why lab-grown diamonds are the sustainable choice for your jewelry with these 5 compelling reasons. Learn more about eco-friendly alternatives to mined diamonds!


The lab-grown diamond is at the heart of India’s bid to become a global leader in producing the synthetic alternative, which has a much smaller carbon footprint than mined diamonds, and is seen as “conflict free”.


Tatler weighs in on the pros and cons of wearing the scorned-upon twin of naturally mined diamonds.


Extracting a single one carat diamond can mean the removal of hundreds of tonnes of earth, a process that consumes vast amounts of fresh water and fossil fuels. Is there a more sustainable and cheaper option? Watch the video to learn how lab-grown diamonds are manufactured.

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Between exploring lab-grown diamonds and looking into vintage secondhand pieces, buying engagement rings for women feels all the more extensive but almost equally as daunting. Here are some tips for you!

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The premier saw many well known faces on the red-carpet from Noddy Holder, the lead singer of Slade to Terri Dwyer who lit up the red-carpet, dripping in lab-created diamonds


CVD and HPHT are two methods of producing lab grown diamonds, which are diamonds that are created in a laboratory using advanced technology, rather than mined from the earth. Click below to learn more.


Today, the diamond industry is witnessing a sparkling revolution with the advent of lab-grown diamonds. These gems, scientifically identical to their natural counterparts, offer a new perspective on sustainability and ethics in luxury.


Actress and activist Pamela Anderson, former model and Vogue creative director-at-large Grace Coddington, model Precious Lee and American sign language interpreter and performer Justina Miles are among the famous faces participating in a dazzling new campaign to support ethically sourced lab-grown diamonds.


Many celebrities, known for their glamorous lifestyles and extravagant tastes, are embracing the trend of lab-grown diamonds. Look at these celebrities who opted for lab-grown diamond engagement rings.

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Jean's got his own jewellery store in West Hollywood for only lab-grown diamonds. He's previously designed engagement rings for Paris Hilton, Eva Longoria and Amy Adams. According to him couples can get more bang for their buck with lab-grown diamonds.


If they’re good enough for Leonardo DiCaprio and Penélope Cruz, shouldn’t they be good enough for you?


Two jewelry experts share several ways to find a flattering stone that suits your hands and fingers.