5 Reasons Why Lab-Grown Diamonds Are the Sustainable Choice for Your Jewellery

Let us first understand quick and simple, what are Lab-grown diamonds?

Without any jargon, just think of it as a block of “Ice”; one made in the refrigerator of your home and the other in glaciers. Both have the same chemical and physical properties but what differs is their source of origin.

Similarly, Lab-grown diamonds as the name suggests are made in the laboratory under controlled environments with high precision and monitoring. They are manufactured using a technique called High Pressure and High Temperature (HPHT).

Sustainable choices are considered as choices or practices one follows on an everyday basis as well as during occasional events that reflect Potentially NO or reduced environmental threat (like; less consumption of natural resources, fewer CO2 emissions, better waste management, and little to no contribution to pollution). Practicing Sustainability on a regular basis supports equitable socio-economic development and an enhanced quality of life for all.

If you have been thinking about this exciting new option, you’re in luck! This guide is here to take you on a journey about the wonders of lab-grown diamonds, exploring what are their unique properties and how they might just be the perfect choice for your beloved.

We won’t confuse you with all those jargons, let straight uncover, what makes a Lab grown diamond a sustainable choice for you (in every way) ? So, let’s explore the world of lab-grown diamonds together!

The trump card: Ethics

How many of you are environmentally conscious? We assume most of you are. Let’s first familiarise you with the mining of natural diamonds. Traditionally mining of diamonds used to have severe impact on both the natural environment and the local communities who were used to extract them & from which they were extracted. These communities were exploited and abused for the mining. Therefore, Lab grown diamonds offer the perfect alternative as they are deemed to have ethical sourcing (basically manufactured in lab) which clearly eliminates the potential for conflict and harms.

The component of Affordability

If you ever wanted to own your diamond piece but haven’t been able to yet due to its skyrocket price, which we understand can take a middle-class family whole of their lifetime’s savings. But, worry not! Now we have Lab grown diamonds, available at about half of the cost of a natural diamond but offer the same lustre, attributes and Class to your Jewellery collection, without waiting your whole life to own one. Now, you won’t have to burn a hole in your pocket and savings, to savour a timeless diamond jewellery for yourself for as long you desire. That’s make it sustainable for your pockets!

Durability Factor

Although being manufactured in lab, they reflect identical physical, chemical and optical properties as traditional natural diamonds that are mined from ores.

Lab -grown diamonds exhibit the wonders science & technology have been able to achieved today. We’re able to mimic the formation of natural process of diamond formation. The meticulously designed scientific environment curated for diamond formation (the high temperature and pressure), lead to the identical similarity of lab grown diamonds to that of Natural diamonds, proving to be the timeless piece of jewellery as they are meant to be. Perfect to be treasured for a really long time, without worrying about it being weary or tarnished in any way.

Lower Carbon Footprint: A step towards Sustainable Future

The Carbon Emissions generated from Creating laboratory diamonds is drastically less than mining the natural ones from Earth. If you’re an environment-conscious individual, and believe in starting from your own house, you must inculcate the same during your luxury purchases. At Eclat Diamonds, we believe in creating timeless-sustainable pieces of diamond jewellery, which are a step towards sustainable future that serve our future generations. (Perfect way to brag your kids and grandkids, here)

The touch of Personalization


Who doesn’t love a piece that’s specially created for them and nobody else owns it! Well, that’s exactly what we aim to achieve through Lab Grown Diamonds at Eclat Diamonds. If you don’t know, lab-grown diamonds are more ductile or flexible in simple words than mined ones. You describe it and we bring it into reality. A lab-grown diamond can be manufactured in different colours, shapes and sizes to fit your dream diamond jewellery description perfectly.

All the committed men, this a hint to gift you beloved her dream piece, EXACTLY how she prefers. (Vice-Versa is also applicable; All the women’s that’s your hint).

A piece that’s especially curated for you is sure-shot going to be a treasure for you and your jewelry collection for years to come. That’s our promise to you!

To all the sweetest human on Earth, this is your chance to give yourself and your loved ones the love that you deserve without worrying a bit about anything else, gift yourself a piece of diamond! A lab grown diamond is meticulously manufactured for all of you, in a way that’s more affordable and environmental- friendly, exactly the way, it should be.

Here’s to a more ethical, happier and sustainable future!

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