Hey Folks, do you want to propose/commit to your beloved one? Do you want to express your feeling of love and commitment? Do you want to convey your gratitude for years of a long-lasting bond? If your answer is yes to any of the questions, then let me tell you, nothing shines brighter than a diamond.  But, not just any diamond – we’re talking about the sparkling, sustainable choice of lab-grown diamonds from Éclat Diamonds. 

These grown gems are nothing short of bffs to girls, on top of that, these are our mother Earth’s best friend too! Yeah, you read that correctly. 

Best friend-a diamond? To put an end to all that confusion of yours, let me introduce you to the greatest miracle of grown-diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are ethically sourced, environmentally safe and affordable compared to their mined counterparts. Who wouldn’t yearn for a piece that speaks elegance without worrying about any negative history attached to them. 

The decision to buy a diamond, let alone lab-grown or mined one, must be stressful. Especially because you’re unfamiliar with this whole diamond stuff. The first confusion every diamond buyer faces is whether to buy a grown diamond or natural? If you made your mind, on this part; there are other questions that might puzzle you; like the right piece, the right design, etc etc; especially because they are expensive and once a buy for most common people. If this wasn’t enough, the stress of choosing a piece that reflects your love as well suit your beloved’s taste; is a whole nother ball game. Phew! (my heart goes out to all the buyers, cuz I know it’s not easy)

Worry not! Because we’re here to make this task a bit less stressful for you!

Let me recommend some stunning pieces to help you choose from. 

The Classic Solitaire Pendant

A classic piece that’s timeless and serves every generation with grace should always be your first preference. You don’t need to wreck your head too hard to appease your beloved because this is a fail proof trusted piece loved by everyone. It’s the perfect way to confess “You’re the one” without uttering a word. A solitaire pendant from Eclat Diamonds is timeless, just like your never fading love. The cherry on the cake, you’re also contributing to protect our nature, now that’s a win-win Pro-tip: you can brag about it to your beloved, and that’s gonna get you some brownie (points)

The Infinity Bracelet

Lab-grown diamond Bracelet

Forever & a day is my favourite quote from Len Flaming’s Novel-“Casino Royale”, a perfect excerpt to justify these Diamond bracelets from our collection at Eclat Diamonds. Diamond, itself is a symbol of forever, but this is an infinity diamond in the form of a bracelet, there couldn’t be a better combination.  With Éclat Diamonds’ sustainable sparkle, you’re giving a future as bright as the diamonds themselves.

The Eternal Hoop Earrings

Lab-grown diamond Hoop Earrings

 Trust is a circle. When it’s reciprocated, then only you trust someone and it becomes a full-blown circle. If you want to symbolize this ‘circle of trust’ to your beloved, there couldn’t be a better way than with a pair of hoop earrings. Bestowed with Eclat lab-grown diamonds’, these hoop earrings signify “Our love goes round & round”.

The Statement Ring

Lab-grown diamond Ring

 For all the bold lovers, who love to leave a mark and who don’t shy away from expressing how deeply they feel and who don’t see love as vulnerability but strength, Eclat’s statement ring is the perfect match for you. It’s bold, it’s gorgeous and it screams, “I’m committed” in CAPS- because when you see, you know

The dazzling Studs

Lab-grown diamonds studs

Sometimes the smallest gestures speak volumes. For all minimalists, who want to express, who want to portray but subtly, Eclat diamonds have something for you too! A pair of dazzling studs would suit your taste and still leave a mark, in a ‘subtle’ way, just how you like. The dazzling studs from Éclat Diamonds whispers sweet nothings into your loved one’s ears all day long.

The Customized Piece

Lab-grown diamond customized earrings

 If you still aren’t convinced, I’m sure now you will be. If you prefer to gift something unique, as special as your love, Eclat diamonds still got you covered. Whether it’s an engraving (special date, design or memory) you want your beloved to remember or just a customization that makes it unique, just like your beloved, Éclat Diamonds makes it possible to give a gift as unique as your love.

Here are the top picks that should (we hope so) cover the taste of everyone. We hope it helps to ease your stress, and you’re able to find a piece that expresses you, the way you want to.

After all, diamonds are forever, and thanks to Éclat, they’re also for everyone who loves our planet.

Remember, when you choose lab-grown, you’re not just picking out jewellery; you’re making a statement that says “I love you and the Earth too!” Now that’s what we call a shining declaration of love!

Lastly, a pro-tip for all the sweetest people who want to express your love, You are a gem! We hope you found one too. Whether or not you choose to give a diamond, doesn’t make your love any bit less than someone who does. Because this isn’t about diamonds, in fact it was never about diamonds, it’s you who add the meaning to the diamond.

See you next time!

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