5 Classic Diamond Necklaces By Eclat Diamonds For Every Wardrobe

Let’s face it, a little sparkle never hurts anybody! And nothing can beat a classic diamond necklace in terms of spicing up your everyday wardrobe. But, there’s a catch; we aren’t talking about just any diamonds, we’re talking about diamonds that turn heads, that sparks communication, that can’t stop the urge of people to ask ‘where did you get that?’ kind of diamonds. We’re talking about all of these along with a kind nurture to our nature, we’re talking about sustainable little pieces of jewels that have the power to elevate your everyday wardrobe from ‘good’ to ‘gorgeous’. Whether you’re a minimalist sunshine or ‘more is less’ fashionista, Eclat diamonds have something for everyone.

We’re here to make your journey of diamond purchase a bit easy-going by recommending you 5 best Lab-Grown diamond necklaces that would just oomph-up everyone’s wardrobe. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a regular shopper (I know diamonds can’t be shopped regularly, but we hope you do so; pun intended), we wanted to help you pick pieces that you can always brag about and can remind you of a good memory (we hope).

Let’s quickly dive deep into this;

Celtic Diamond Shape Pendant

This is a must-have piece that’s versatile enough to jazz-up every wardrobe. This magnificent pendant has transcended beyond time and dates back to the Celtic knot artefacts of the ancient Celtic tribes of Europe. This pendant, weaves that charismatic Celtic knotwork into a contemporary diamond delight, crafting a mesmerizing piece that transcends time. This piece is your perfect companion that can be worn in a versatile way, whether you just want to add that class to your everyday outfit or be an icon for your gala nights. This is the ethical-brilliance of lab-grown diamonds, making it your wardrobe’s new best friend.

Serene leaf necklace

Allow me to introduce you to a necklace perfect for those who love a biophilic touch in their style. This is a piece that will reflect your impeccable taste and your commitment to ethical luxury. This necklace captures the essence of nature’s effortless beauty, with a design that mirrors the gentle curves of a leaf, crowned by a dazzling 1-carat centre stone that radiates pure elegance. It’s time to make a statement with this necklace, the perfect accessory to complement every outfit and occasions.

Solitaire Lariat necklace

Let me introduce you to a quintessential piece that will be the one classic addition to your wardrobe and will always turn heads every time you wear it. You can never go wrong with Eclat diamond’s solitaire necklace whether you wear it with your dressy casuals or party glamour. Its minimalist yet bold aesthetic makes it a versatile piece, perfect for layering or wearing solo as a statement piece. This neck-piece speaks elegance with its sleek lariat design, leading to a bold-stunning solitaire diamond. It is a toast to modern elegance and conscious luxury.

Evil-eye pendants

Do you know, evil-eye was considered as a symbol of protection in ancient times, which were hung on doors and roof-tops from protection against all evil energy. Now, this has become a fashion statement for every wardrobe. This neck-piece combines the ancient belief in the evil eye’s protective powers with the modern allure of sparkling diamonds, creating a piece that’s as meaningful as it is fashionable. This quirky eye-catching design made from diamonds, lab-grown diamonds ,makes it even more meaningful. Whether or not you believe in the ancient lore, you ought to be mesmerized by this pendant, particularly b’cuz of its versatile charm against the mundane.

Disc loop pendant

This pendant is a symphony of simplicity and sophistication, featuring a sleek disc design that’s both contemporary and timeless. It is the perfect choice for all the contemporary girlies, who love the simply sophisticated pieces without too-much of anything. Now, the design itself is very eye-catching, on top of that, these are crafted with Eclat-diamonds’ lab-grown diamonds, making it an accessory you can feel good about wearing.

We hope you have found a necklace that complements your style and suits your taste. At Eclat diamonds, each necklace is more than just an accessory. It’s a piece that reflects your inner beauty and adds that touch of glamour to your otherwise simple outfits. Are you ready to add that oomph factor to your wardrobe? These necklaces aren’t just about style and class but also reflect your commitment to sustainability (if that’s something you care about). You are carrying the heritage of conscious luxury, which is that first step in building a future that’s more worth-living. 

Don’t let any outside negativity dull that diamond, one that you choose to wear and one that’s inherently you.

Happy Purchase!

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