Everything You Need To Know About Lab-Grown Diamond Jewellery Care

First let’s uncover some common wear and tear that may occur on your lab-grown diamond jewellery piece naturally. As rightly said, preventing the cause is better that crying over the spilled milk. So, knowing the likelihood of peril, may help you to prevent it beforehand. However, the frequency of wearing (daily or occasionally) and the type of jewellery also determine the damage caused, particularly dullness of your diamond jewellery.

So, here you go!

  • Abrasion from daily wear: Just like any other piece of jewellery you may wear on a daily basis gets scratched and filthy at a point, in a similar fashion, a diamond jewellery item also accumulates filth and build up in the crevices and corners. And once that comes in contact with other surfaces, it might lead to scraping and scratching.
  • Build up from oils and greasy skincare: Skincare is must! We must follow a proper skincare religiously. However, this may lead to accumulation of product under the jewellery pieces you’re wearing. Additionally, our body produces natural oils which also causes build up to the jewellery items you wear on an everyday basis. On top of that, lotions and perfumes lead to filth accumulation that requires routine cleaning.
  • Sweat build up: An active lifestyle or just simple outdoor activities and exercising like gym, leads to sweat generation on an everyday basis. Sweat build up can lead to grease accumulation in your jewellery pieces and may loosen them and even causes the risk of falling off.

Improper Storage: It is important to practise a proper storage of all your jewellery items in general and more so for diamonds (either lab-grown or natural), with proper segregation so that they do not rub or scratch against each other. So, if you store your diamond jewellery along with your other jewellery pieces, it may lead to scratches and scuffing.

Remember, everyday wear does require routine cleaning and maintenance as well.

Lab-grown diamonds Caring Tips:

  • Always apply your skincare, body lotions and other care products before wearing your diamond jewellery. As such products cause build up and get accumulated in the crevices of your jewellery.
  • Always make sure to wipe off and clean your jewellery pieces before storing them in their storage box. This simple step might feel tired some for some of my lazy folks out there, but just like it’s always better for your skin to remove your makeup before going off to bed, it’s advisable to remove all the dust and residue before safely storing them again for next-time dazzle-look.
  • Avoid wearing any diamond jewellery or any jewellery items in general especially while you’re involved in any physical activity like gym, exercise, swimming etc. Even if you wear them on a daily basis, just make sure to practise removing all your jewels before any workout sessions or high-energy activities.
  • Make sure to NEVER wear your diamonds in swimming pools at any costs, as they have chlorinated water which will cause abrasions on your jewellery piece.

Storage Care tips:

  • Always keep your jewellery items especially lab-grown diamond jewellery in a soft & clean cotton cloth. First wrap the cloth the jewellery and then safely put it in the jewellery box or pouch.
  • Always keep all your jewellery separately to avoid scratching and scuffing of pieces one against other. So, make sure to segregate and compartmentalise your jewels. Another important thing is, segregation from cheap metal jewellery items is important as it may spread tarnishing and scratch other jewellery especially Lab-grown diamond jewellery. Make different compartments for earrings, pendants, lab-grown diamond rings, etc.

Cleaning Tips: The most preferred way to clean your lab-grown diamond jewels is with soapy Luke-warm water at your home itself. Yes, you read it, at home by yourself. Couldn’t believe? Well, let me assure you that it’s an age-old best practice of keeping your diamonds sparkling clean all the time. As you want to take care and clean a diamond piece (although lab-grown), that’s highly valuable; you’ll have to use fail-proof and safest ways of doing so.

So, let me let you what all you need;

Just use things already available at your home like a soft bristled brush, a cleaning solution or soap, a clean and dry towel and finally, a big bowl of Luke-warm water.

Here’s how to do it properly:

  • Grab a clean, dry towel and spread it out on a flat surface. This will be your safe zone for the diamonds.
  • Fill a bowl with lukewarm water and add a little dish soap (or a special jewellery cleaning solution, if you have one). Let your diamonds soak in this soapy bath for about five minutes.
  • Now comes the scrubbing! Use a soft toothbrush (think the kind for your gums) and gently brush the diamonds in circles. This will remove any dirt or grime hiding in the tiny crevices. Be super careful while brushing, and hold the diamonds over the towel to avoid dropping them down the sink.
  • Once you’re done scrubbing, take out the diamonds and place them back on the clean towel. Now, rinse the soapy water out of the bowl and refill it with clean water.

Finally, give your diamonds a good rinse in the clean water to remove any soap residue. Let them air dry completely on the towel before wearing them again.

Shine On: Diamond Care tips from Eclat Diamonds

Cheers! You have finally encountered with world of Lab-grown diamonds. It must be thrilling to know about the unknown and discover other ways of sparkling with not mined but grown diamonds. As a true diamond lover, your soul will be at peace knowing you didn’t harm anyone or anything to flourish yourself. That’s more like it!

Now, it’s time uncover how to care for the best, one that’s meant to sparkle. Afterall, we never let a dull moment stun a shining diamond (pun intended). So, we at Eclat diamonds envision for a future that’s without any dullness or scratches. So, let’s learn and practice the art of keeping your beloved diamonds all clean and shining as they’re meant to be. Whether, you’re a do-it-yourself (DIY) enthusiast or just prefer getting a professional hand for help, Eclat Diamonds are here to help! Worry not, just follow up us on our website or mail us on our office mail I’d.

Hope to see you back again!

Keep Shining! 

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